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Business Planning

Business planning is important whether you are starting a business, growing a business, or transitioning your business. Our experienced financial professionals at Insight Alliance provide complete business planning services to all businesses, large or small. 

Business planning for your emerging business:
Starting a new business offers extraordinary opportunity along with significant challenges. It involves financial planning and making pivotal financial decisions. We understand. Business planning is a key component to a successful business. We will begin by an in-depth interview and analysis of your needs and goals, while understanding your purpose, opportunities, and challenges. As you grow your business to your target size, your team at Insight Alliance will continue to work with you to manage your investments, establish retirement plans and, eventually, help position your business exit strategy that best suit your goals.

We recommend that your new business plan be focused on the following:

1. Building short-term capital and reserves;
2. Protecting your business from risks and losses;
3. Attracting and rewarding key employees; and
4.Identifying and preparing for the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow.

Business planning for your expanding business:
Is your business expanding? How does today’s economy affect your business? As your business grows, many challenges could appear. Times are changing. Understanding this change and adapting to it is the key in sustaining business growth. Planning for your growing business and personal financial planning must work together for to help achieve financial goals. Our business-minded professionals at Insight Alliance assist you by providing the knowledge and tools you need to remain competitive in an ever-changing market place. We guide you with professional business planning and provide the insight you need to help your business grow.

Consider these questions:
1.How will new tax laws and regulations affect your business?*
2.Are your employee benefits attractive and affordable to retain your key employees?
3.What effect would an illness, lawsuit, disability, or death of you or a key employee have on your business?
4.How are you planning to transition the business to a partner or buyer in the future?

Exit and transition of business:
Business planning for a transition or exit from your business is similar to an estate plan. It is preparing a business for the time when its owner or owners will no longer be around whether it is from the sale of the business, the sale to the management team or a family member taking over. It also means being prepared for the unexpected; illness, disability, or death. Transitioning your business can be as rewarding as building it. It is never too early to start planning your exit or sell strategy. Having a clear picture of your current financial situation is one of the first steps in business transition planning. Setting goals is also a critical element of any transition plan. Closely evaluating and documenting your long-term goals will help you develop a solid benchmark for choosing the best options and help streamline the planning process. Our business professionals at Insight Alliance can help you build the best plan to add value to the buyer, seller, employees, and customers. Your business is your legacy.

Serving your business is our business. Our professionals at Insight Alliance can help you to obtain the best solutions for your business. Call us today at (615) 376-8350 – we’d like to share our experience with you.

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