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Our Planning Process

1. Exploring Possibilities:
Leading starts by listening. Our initial conversation is designed to understand your current objectives, and past experiences in building wealth. Together we will discover how our philosophy and approach to building wealth aligns with your values.

2. Gathering the Facts:
All progress begins with the truth. It is critical that we discover your current facts and feelings before offering strategies for improvement. This phase can include the completion of a Confidential Questionnaire and the collection of financial documents.

3. Protecting Your Future:
Protection of wealth should always be considered before building it. Understanding the exposure to risk should take priority before capturing the opportunities of reward. Preserving wealth is as important as building it. Common losses can occur from exposure to taxes, sickness and injury, lawsuits, market loses, death, and disabilities.

4. Building Your Future:
In this phase we will offer objective ideas to build wealth with attention to cost, fees, and risk. The scorecard of our approach is the net worth of your personal or business balance sheet. This unique approach considers how assets and liabilities together affect the long-term outcomes of your plan. We will validate and compare our recommendations with the help of the latest technologyin wealth organization and management.

5. Implementation & Monitoring:
After you fully understand the value of our strategies, ideas will be put to action. Our team of licensed professionals will assist you in implementing the new plan. Together, we will closely monitor the performance of your plan and make necessary adjustments along the way. We can include automated alerts to track your successes along the way.

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